Lyres of the land and sea

On November 20, 2015 at the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki took place an event entitled

“Lyres of the land and sea – a bowing Greece”,which was organized by the Dancing Group

of Thessaloniki. Seven lyrists representing the whole tradition of Greece, skilled dancers,

warm colors like the hearts of the Greeks gripped us for 2.5 hours. The entire Greek

Tradition with music, dancers, photographs of faces engraved on them the suffering but

also the faith for what they did, passed in front of our eyes. The audience was taken back

in time to ethics and customs of their place. The narrators complemented vividly with their

texts the stories and habits of these people.

The scenery was stunning, with an olive and a mulberry tree (the lyres are made of these

trees) leading semantically. The tables also ready to welcome the friends and their families

to unique culinary experiences of oil, wine, raki, herbs and fruits of this blessed land. They

took us back to an atmosphere of Traditional authentic Greek feast and fairs.

The lyres of Thrace, Macedonia, Pontus, Cappadocia, islands and Crete once sang like

nightingales and sometimes cried like a dirge. The melodies transferred you to an

unknown time and space but at the same time so familiar . The lyrics describe each time a

story. A true story of pain, love, loss, but also joy and hope. The dancers with their moves

”were writing ” on the ground what their soul wanted to tell . Fancy costumes, peculiar,

unique as the characters of the people who wore them at moments of joy and sorrow, at

weddings and also at funerals.

Many thanks to the people who organized this event. They brought us in the past linking

the present and the future of Tradition. May God bless them to continue this work.

George Frengidis